Complete transmission kit #33031-65. $5.50

Top end gasket NEWkit Pan/FL 17034-48B. $20.00

Cylinder base gasket big bore 84-99 big twin 16774-86 $15.50

Gasket seals top end Shovelhead all years $40.50

Gasket kit overhall 17037-60 $12.50

NEW ITEM!! James Transmission Rebuild Kit - 33031-80 Fits 1980 - 1982FLH-80 FX FXS.
The older the transmission, the more its been kicked around. Rebuild yours with these JIMS Machining transmission parts.
Kits include standard size race, snap rings, clips, shift shaft, countershaft, seals, bushings and Genuine James® gaskets-everything except bearings Made in the U.S.A. $15.00

NEW ITEM!! Genuine James Complete Transmission Gasket and Seal Kit - 33031-70 fits 1970-early 1979 FL, FLH, FLH-80, FX FXS. Kit has all gaskets and seals required for a complete rebuild. Made in the U.S.A. $15.00