Dyno tuning is imperative for improving and maximizing performance of your off road and closed course vehicle as well as ensuring your motor has a long life. Nobody wants to put money into high performance work for you motorcycle to sit in the shop and always need fixing. With the technology and tools needed as well, as over 30 years in experience in high performance tuning we can take your race motorcycle to the next level. Whether your motorcyle is carbureted or fuel injected we can take care of either. By appointment only
*Off road and closed course vehicles only*


Shipping, Disclaimers & Conditions:

All performance work and modification is designed for race or off-road application only. All motorcycle brand references in visual form or otherwise are registered trademarks of there respective manufacturers. R.A.M Products does not imply affiliation with any of the motorcycle manufacturers mentioned on this website.All parts orders will be shipped U.P.S. ground unless otherwise specified. U.P.S. Orange label (3 day), Blue label (2 day) and Red label (overnight) delivery is available at an extra cost. ALL Parts are Taxable. All tuneing components and exhaust systems sold buy R.A.M Products are intended for off-road use only and are not emissions compliant or legal for street use. All prices reflect labor only. Any cleaning, gasket removal, and parts will be at an additional charge. Previously modified parts may require additional labor at an additional cost, or in some cases be refused for service. Prices listed do not include return shipping charges.